Assessment and mapping of desertification sensitivity in an insular sahelian mountain region case study of Ribeira Seca watershed, Cape Verde

J. Tavares, I. Baptista, A. D. Ferreira, P. Amiotte-Suchet, A. Querido, S. Gomes, R. Amoros , J.Bentub, L. Varela, E. A. Reis
Desertification phenomenon is consequence of a set of various processes in arid and semi-arid environments, in which water is the major factor for the use of lands in the ecosystems. It is generally associated to geo-physical conditions (e.g. soil, slope, vegetation cover) coupled with inclemency of drought and also water availability . Several methods have been developed to evaluate desertification process, including mathematical models, parametric equations, remote sensing, direct observation and measurement .
(Tavares et al, 2012)