New data on the distribution and conservation status of some angiosperms of the Cape Verde Islands, W Africa

Gomes, Isildo et al.
Based on recent field work, data on the distribution and conservations status of 13 taxa of flowering plants of the Cape Verde Islands are provided. New records for single islands are Periploca laevigata subsp. chevalieri for Sta. Lucia, Paronychia illecebroides for the Ilhéus Rombo, Asparagus squarrosus and Erodium malacoides for Fogo, and Cocculus pendulus for Sal. New records noteworthy with respect to species ecology, reconstruction of the potential natural vegetation or conservation status are presented for nine endemic taxa, viz. Periploca laevigata subsp. chevalieri, Sonchus daltonii, Tolpis farinulosa, Echium hypertropicum, E. vulcanorum, Lobularia canariensis subsp. fruticosa, Polycarpaea gayi, Euphorbia tuckeyana and Globularia amygdalifolia.
(Gomes, Isildo et al. 1999)