Fifth national report on the status of biodiversity in Cabo Verde

Medina, Aníbal & Gomes, Isildo
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The National Report on the State of Biodiversity, in conjunction with the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP), is the main implementation instrument for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at national level, in accordance with the provisions of its Article 6. These instruments emphasize a strategic and objective approach, which aims to inspire a broad action from all stakeholders. The IV Report was prepared in 2009. With this V Report, the country intends to establish a certain alignment with the overall orientation contained in the 2011-2020 CBD Strategic Plan. Thus, on the basis of these guidelines, the report is basically structured to include a general introduction, a methodological approach to the works and two main chapters - Chapter I, which analyzes the situation, trends and threats to biodiversity and provides information on the current status of biodiversity, and the conservation and protection measures adopted by National Authorities; and Chapter II, which analyzes the current situation of the NBSAP, provides the current status of its implementation and highlights the achievements and constraints encountered in its implementation as an environmental management tool. It was not possible to include in the main body of the report some information as suggested in the Guidelines on preparing the V Report given their nature, level of details and technical-scientific expressions. Nevertheless, given their importance and relevance, they have been incorporated in annex to allow better understanding of the subject matter. This report was prepared in four successive stages: (1) collection and desk review of biodiversity-related information, mainly those produced between 2009 and 2014; (2) interactive technical meetings with the coordination team; (3) national meeting for restitution of outcomes, collection of inputs and final technical validation of the report's guidelines, and (4) drafting of the final version of the document.
( Medina & Gomes, 2015 )